The Science of Eterneva Offers a New Way to Honor Our Lost Loved Ones

Humans facing the loss of a loved one are expected to absorb that loss in the compressed time-frame it takes to plan a funereal.  The leading belief behind this practice is in part governed by the biological effects of death on the one hand, and the mistaken belief that the best course of action for survivors is to put this sorrow behind them and get on with their lives. 

This belief tends to truncate the grieving process and places an unhealthy expectation regarding the healing process.  A new generation of mourners have witnessed changes to the burial process, first in the form of cremations, but now they are turning to new technologies that enable lasting tributes that are more personal and lasting than a burial plot in a lonely cemetery or an urn on the mantle. 

For one innovative company looking to transform the grieving process, Austin, Texas-based Eterneva, has developed a process allowing the remains of your loved one to be eternalized inside a laboratory-grown diamond. This new approach to life celebration is taking the death industry by storm and transforming the way we grieve for a lost loved one.


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A Scientific Approach to Mourning

Thanks to scientific advances in general, the ability to grow a diamond inside a laboratory setting has had immense commercial applications.  Additionally, as the world has learned of the somewhat spotty custody chain of so-called “conflict diamonds” consumers have eagerly looked to alternatives that are guaranteed to be conflict-free gems.

Eterneva co-founder, Adelle Archer, had experienced a personal loss when her dear friend and mentor passed away due to pancreatic cancer.  Casting about for an enduring memorial to her close friend, Adelle discovered a new way to help honor our dead.

Following a loved one’s cremation carbon elements remain, known as carbonates, in the ashes which are isolated, purified, and extracted for use in growing a synthetic diamond.  The resultant carbon graphite powder is the building block for your memorial diamond.

In a painstaking process that takes eight months to complete, Eterneva takes that opening building block and raise a diamond that contains your loved one’s DNA. Rather than a funereal urn that moves to the back of a closet after a couple of years, a memorial diamond can be mounted and worn close to your heart every day as a form of celebration of that life.

The entire process is painstakingly recorded as the diamond is being grown is available in real-time, so loved ones waiting for the return of their lost relative can view the entire process. Additionally, once completed, your loved one will be returned by hand personally in a ceremony the company calls “a return home.”

Explore Mourning Your Loss of a Loved One with a Diamond from Eterneva

Utilizing technology and science has improved the lives of countless people, but until now little has been done to improve the process of those in need owing to the loss of life. While the grieving process is intensely personal, the need for ceremonial affirmation is universal. Eterneva is leading the way in adopting new techniques that are available to allow all of us to grieve in our way. Harnessing advances in science to repurpose the knowledge to build lasting personal memorials to lost loved ones provides a new way to memorialize our dead. If you are wondering how you can best establish an enduring legacy for a lost friend or family member, Eterneva is offering a solution that is worth taking a look at should you be seeking alternatives to the traditional burial process.