“The Poor Man’s Guide to Being an Escort” a new book by Karl Crossfield

Karl Crossfield has been an entrepreneur since he was 10 years old. He has been pursuing and catching the spark of success since that early age. As a youngster, he would collect and sell bottles for a few cents each. The money was the means of launching his first business. His current venture, which he manages with the same enthusiasm for entrepreneurship, is an escorting company

In his new book, Crossfield provides instructions for starting the same kind of company.  This book is a comprehensive how-to guide for beginning a business. Anyone starting an escort service will benefit from his expertise. It includes topics including branding, market analysis, expansion, and hiring.

What Makes it Work

Crossfield didn’t need the internet or a lot of money to grow his escorting business. All it took were a few easy steps. He elaborates on them in his Escort Agency Instruction Manual, a comprehensive, step-by-step guide for launching your own winning-and-dining escort agency. Following his instructions is surefire method to achieve the success you will read about in his book.

Naturally, before moving forward, one thing needs to be taken into account. Specifically, what is an escort? It’s a common misconception that escort means a prostitute, yet the two terms have nothing in common. An escort is a hired social companion. A Prostitute is selling sex. These are not the same thing.

This business is not about opening a brothel or being a pimp. The Sexual Offences Act of 2003 clearly forbids such behavior, and offenders risk receiving a protracted prison sentence. This concerns something that is morally and legally correct and extremely important.

The moments a capable escort can create are moments worth paying for, and that is what this book and company are all about. They consist of the sensation you have at a professional function with an attractive companion. Additionally, there is the endearing guest at a wedding or event. Also, don’t forget about that dinner date that will make the evening fly by and your loneliness disappear.

All The Best Reasons

Crossfield writes in his book that he will never forget how happy his mother was when a lonely old friend of hers began to use the escort service. For the next few years, he would go out to eat with one of the escorts twice a month. Crossfield witnessed him transform from a depressed and lonely guy to a man with charisma and drive.

Crossfield believes his firm is successful because of the great people he works with. Many success stories, including this one, remind him why he started the business. In fact, he wrote this book for just that reason! He wants to spread the joy and amazing experience of creating a company that develops individuals. Additionally, he wants to impart the strategies and tactics for success that he has been able to cultivate through the years.

Anyone looking to launch a profitable escorting company should read Crossfield’s book. However, the ideas he gives may be helpful to anyone looking to launch a business. Let his zeal inspire you to think differently about being an entrepreneur!