The Necessity of Lunch Breaks

In today’s world, the majority of adults have to work a 9-to-5 job. This means that they spend a large amount of their day at their job. For many adults, they have to spend the majority if not their entire day at work to make sure that they can be financially stable. Working any type of job, especially long hours, can be something very stressful and overwhelming on the body. There have been research studies that have shown that the majority of stress that adults experience in their life comes from their job.

Being financially stable is something that many adults strive to be. However, this is something that can be hard to accomplish because of how much stress is involved in the process. Cory Harow has always stated that it is very important for every employee to get a good amount of lunch break every single day. Here are some of the reasons why \Harow always believes that every employee deserves and actually needs a lunch break:

1.) Lunch breaks or the perfect way for the employee to take a break and a breather. There are many times when the job site can become very overwhelming and stressful to the amount of work that needs to get done. A lunch break can be the perfect way for the employee to be able to sit down, breathe and relax at least for an hour. During this time of relaxation, the employee can really take the time to think clearly, relax her body and then be able to go back to work feeling a lot better. This is something creed not only for the individual but for the company itself. If the company or business has employees that are feeling a lot more relaxed and are feeling well in general, chances are that the business will do even better.

2.) A lunch break is also a great way for the employee to catch up on things related to their personal lives. Personal lives and having to juggle work life and personal life can also be something very stressful to do. This is even more stressful if children are involved. During your lunch break, an employee can take the time to call their children to check up on them or any other family member that they may take care of. This can also be a great way for the employee to relieve some stress and focus more on their job for the rest of the day.

3.) Cory Harow believes that lunch breaks are also very important so that the employees can socialize with one another. Making sure that the employees are having enough time at work to socialize with one another and really get to know each other can be a great way for the entire business and company to do even better. Research studies have shown that the better the employees get along with one another, the better they will work together. If they work together, the business will be able to make more profit and overall do better in general.