The Metaverse: Furry Friends in Cyberspace

The Metaverse, also known as cyberspace, is the name given to the rapidly-growing network of technologies that is worth billions of dollars.  These technologies work hand-in-hand with human interaction and include concepts such as virtual reality, holograms, motion-tracking tools, and NFTs.  The Metaverse market had a value of $47.69 billion in 2020, with North America generating nearly half of the global market revenue in that year.

A key driving force in the growth of the Metaverse is an increased focus on merging the physical and digital worlds using the internet.  A number of challenges have arisen throughout the development of the Metaverse, such as concerns about privacy, security, identity safety, and the use of online payment systems.  Despite these hurdles, Ready Player Me, Decentraland, and Horizon Worlds are successful platforms where users can create, build, play, and interact entirely through a digital lens.  The Metaverse replicates reality to such an extent that users can even utilize its features to own and raise a pet, all at their fingertips.

There are many benefits to owning a Metapet’ as well as many platforms that offer these services.  A “Metapet”, which is the name given to the avatar that represents a real pet in the Metaverse, can be customized, tracked, and cared for by users in a way that may never be possible in one’s reality.  Metapets do not require physical or medical care, are easily trained, and can be infinitely customized, giving the user ultimate control and freedom.  Platforms such as MetaPets, MetaGochi, Axie Infinity, and CryptoKitties have already had tremendous success combining the joy of pet ownership and the popularity of cyberspace to create a unique experience for their users.

Owning pets in the metaverse is a chance for animal lovers to spend more time with their furry friends, while exploring and capitalizing on all of the other opportunities that the Metaverse has to offer.

Pets and the Metaverse Infographic