The Media is a Business, Too

Ken Kurson is a media entrepreneur who recognizes the realities of the economic conditions the media industry has found itself in. These conditions have been very challenging for many media properties; and as a result the cycle of adaptation for some has been increasingly gradual.

We’ve seen many media properties adapt to technological transformations by developing digital presences. Some have invested substantially in not only expanding their online footprint, but also in transitioning from media properties that are in print to digital media properties. There have been several publications of note that have gone through this transitional process. Some have been met with more success than others.

There has also been a new stream of media entrepreneurs that this new era has cultivated. Indeed, what has emerged are young and savvy entrepreneurs who have their pulse on the technological advances taking place in America. Ken Kurson is certainly among them. These changes have shown no indication of stopping or even dissipating in nature.

The changes will continue and their velocity will remain strong indeed. The reasons for this are obvious to some; and less so for others. But regardless, all agree that the future of the media industry is bright with adaptation.