The Importance of Family Time

Do people want their family to be healthy? Yes, every person does, and the sure way to have a healthy family is to spend time together. Family time is unique as it leads to the creation of love, strong bonds, and positive relationships among the family members. Furthermore, when family spends quality time together they will be positioned better to cope with various challenges, have a sense of security, improved confidence, among many others. Please continue reading further to learn four reasons why it is important to spend time with family.

1. Fosters communication

It is not possible to have meaningful family discussions if no time is spent together. Spending quality time with children makes them feel confident, and therefore they open up about the issues they face. That way, parents can answer their questions or advise them about the troubles they face. Children always put back if they have tough questions, and when their parents do not create a good atmosphere of asking those questions.

2. Alleviates Riskier Behavior

Andrew Napolitano says that children who have open communication with their parents and family members are less likely to engage in risky and criminal behaviors than those who never communicate with their family. For this reason, he dedicates all his free time when he is not in the courts to be with his family. While in court, he has observed that most of the adolescents charged with criminal activities do not have time together with the family. Therefore, he believes that spending time together and good communication relieves anger, feelings, and anxiety.

3. Improved Mental Health

He spends time with his family by taking them out from their usual places to enjoy and to relax. He says that when children are taking to new places, they feel relaxed, and therefore, they are more likely to seek advice on the issues that have been troubling them. Sharing experiences and talking about their issues can positively impact the children’s mental well-being. Outdoor experiences and good positive interactions reduce the hormone that causes stress, making your body calm.

4. Teaches Children Vital Social Skills

It is essential to teach children good social skills when they are in the adolescence stage. Sometimes teenagers engage inappropriate social behavior since they are not aware whether it is wrong to do so. When you spend quality time with your children, they learn important social skills, which they practice at home in a natural context. Therefore, always spend time with children when there is enough time to teach them about social behavior. Andrew Napolitano does not dedicate time for his family until he can give them his undivided attention.

The best time to start spending time with the family is now. Children grow up very fast, and before people even realize it, they are gone. Therefore, don’t waste time if individuals want a strong family. Remember, strong families can withstand crises and setbacks. Know the importance of family time, and spend that time accordingly.