The Housing Crisis for Homelessness

The pandemic put everyone at risk of getting severely sick. However, many seem to have forgotten about the homeless individuals who also news special care during these uncertain times. Shalom Lamm, a housing expert, has shown concern for what has happened to homeless people since the pandemic hit. Many other professionals in the housing market have developed ideas on how to effectively serve homeless communities.

New York City is flooded with homeless individuals. If even one were to contract the coronavirus, serious damage could be done to that large community. Homeless people need to be kept safe just like the rest of us are. Thankfully, some hotels have taken the homeless in to provide them with shelter during these times. As of June, about twenty percent of hotels were housing homeless people in New York City. Kindness goes such a long way. Many individuals now feel as if they can start a new life and remain positive during the trying times. It’s a gift to be housed during the pandemic, and all homeless people are aware. Shalom Lamm recommends donating to organizations that provide for the homeless because they could really use the funding. Anything that can be donated is appreciated.