The Future of Real Estate

The housing market may never be the same after coronavirus. Houses have dropped in price by tens of thousands of dollars. Foreclosure signs aren’t hard to find and many families are worried about what is to come. Shalom Lamm, a real estate professional, has said that it may never be the same. He and many other real estate professionals have never endured the housing market during a pandemic. It can be hard to grasp what may happen in future months. 

For many buyers, buying a home takes a lot of thought and consideration. It can be a very expensive mistake if a buyer doesn’t look at everything the house offers and is later disappointed by the result. Now, real estate agents have to facetime their clients instead of showing them the property. Due to the pandemic, families are too afraid to take a chance to view a home or attend open houses. Many are recommended to wear masks and sanitize any properties thoroughly before showing another interested client. Real estate agents are very good at adapting to situations. Many didn’t have problems during the pandemic and in fact, their sales grew. However, those in major cities were definitely struggling to find tenants and buyers because everyone was moving out. Shalom Lamm says that the housing market will bounce back if the economy does. It truly depends where agents are geographically located and so forth.