The Difference In Technology

There has been a vast shift in technology in the past few decades. It’s obvious that many people have had their minds blown by the changes that have occurred over these many years. Think about when people like Andrew Napolitano was still in college. There were no laptops or iPhones. There were barely even pagers at the time. The best way to communicate was through a handwritten letter, a landline phone call, or face to face communication. Aspects of technology like Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime were very much non-existent back about twenty to thirty years ago. Smartphones have completely changed the way people communicate on so many levels. Even typewriters were still being used in the 80s. Now, laptops have dramatically taken over as the newer typewriters and it has hundreds of more features. Having something that is technologically advanced and portable is so convenient for users. The more processing software and updated hardware a computer or device have, the better it is for users. Cloud computing is also a remarkable change. Now there is, in some cases, unlimited cloud storage on Google or iCloud. This allows people to store their documents,  photos, and so much more on a cloud that they can reach from anywhere. The more people that store their documents on the cloud, the more advanced it will learn to be. In addition, advertisers have dramatically shifted with technology over the past forty years. The companies are tracking what consumers are viewing and looking for online. They set up retargeting ads to push the consumer to view these pages again. It’s critical for users to make sure they have privacy settings available to turn on and off to ensure that advertisers don’t take advantage of young children or their preferences. The advertisements have become a lot less psychological and a lot more digital. The robotics that goes behind advertisers and how they figure out where to place their advertisements are all so computed and digital. The technologies that have been produced since the mark of the twenty-first century have really surprised people. Many other devices like smartwatches, tablets, fitness technologies, and kitchen software have also developed. The refrigerators how can tell the weather, generate lists based on what is in stock, and so much more. Back in the day, a refrigerator was merely just an icebox that kept things chilled. Overall, there have been incredible developments in the technological field and the number of people that have lived through these changes like Andrew Napolitano, continues being shocked. It is inevitable that technology will not halt at an exponential rate in the coming yeast. It will continue to grow to the point where either might be a need for such technology. Nevertheless, it gives consumers and users a lot to look forward to.