The Democratization of the Digital Media Space

Ken Kurson has had the unique experience of working in media for the better part of the last few decades. As such, he has had exposure to a diverse pool of media outlets and programming. But he’s also had the unique opportunity to understand the transitions that are taking place in the industry – some of which are more dramatic than others.

According to Ken Kurson, the developments in the blogosphere’s proliferation and the continued democratization of the space that we are witnessing in the media industry, is a net positive for free speech advocates and even for journalists. The areas however where it is problematic, is where there can be run-ins that lead to devastating consequences to the financial model of the industry at large.

The reality is that the media industry is becoming a cut-throat competitive environment for all sorts of news properties and media outlets. The reason for this can be directly attributed to the changes that are taking place providing for platforms for nearly anyone and everyone with a beating plus.

Let’s not forget the foundation our democracy was built on. To exercise out first amendment rights in a way we can be proud of. As such, the more speech, the freeer we are; and the better off we are. Should there be regulation? Absolutely. Should there be ovesight? You bet ya. But in the meantime, let’s appreciate tehese changes. But also proceed with caution. Change can be healthy. But it also requires adaptation.