The COVID Vaccine: Fighting Misinformation

Some days, you might feel as an entrepreneur not sure of where to turn for accurate information. We feed our brains a daily deluge of information around the clock and much of this has to do with what beliefs and opinions we hold dear. The lens of perception in how we consume the news impacts how we understand the current global pandemic events as they unfold. Let’s learn about the COVID vaccine.

One unfortunate effect of this is the proliferation of misinformation at a colossal scale through blogs, websites, and influencers in social media. The wrong so-called facts going viral can have a serious impact on the health of us and our friends, neighbors, and loved ones.

A concern of some that are vaccine hesitant is how quickly the COVID vaccines were rolled out. The ability to fast track clinical trials, FDA approval (now they are fully FDA approved), as well as the fact that the research was based on information from previous coronaviruses should set many minds at relative ease. 
The fact that the COVID vaccine was able to come to market and its level of efficacy is quite remarkable. Learn more about how to fight misinformation and learn the facts about the COVID vaccine through the informational and visual deep dive below:

Covid Vaccine