The Benefits of Having a Mentor

There are many benefits to having a mentor for any capacity. Whether one is an engineer, financial expert, or an influencer, mentorship is valuable to anyone. Many of us, like Helen Lee Schifter, use the advice of others to grow more as individuals. It takes so many people to build a solid network of mentors which is why you should get started now. 

Mentors can be there for you in a professional sense and personal sense. For example, many young professionals have mentors who train them at work. Typically, it’s a cycle. Once one is trained and works for a certain amount of time, they too can become a mentor to someone. On the other hand, mentors in persona; matters can be a little more lucrative and sloped. Having a mentor that’s a guardian is very important. Being about to be taught right from wrong is a gift and many of us take it for granted. Therapists are also mentors that can help our mindfulness expand. Helen Lee Schifter has her sensei, that teaches her the ways of balance and how to be more tapped into her Zen Buddhist spirituality. Mentorships are everywhere, there just has to be someone willing enough to share their experience in hope of improving the quality of work/life for another.