The Benefits Of Having A Law

One of the fundamental principles of a civilized society is the benefits of having a law and regulations system. Human beings are naturally sociable creatures, and as such, we have a natural urge to join with others to solve problems and promote order. To be part of something larger than ourselves, the desire to take part drives us to make collective efforts to improve many human beings, says lawyer Alexander Djerassi. While this instinct is always healthy and beneficial, there are times when it can become harmful. When there are individuals who are bent on seeing only their interests at the expense of everyone else, when there are those who are willing to use violence to achieve these goals, society can fail.

Unfortunately, when members of society take part in these behaviors, they often do not see the consequences of their actions. Whether they know the potential for societal harmony or see a need to protect themselves, those who do not see or understand this often do so without realizing that the results are there. Those who know the potential for societal harmony but do not act upon that knowledge are often the ones who best represent the societal breakdown that occurs when members of society do not take responsibility for their actions.

One example of this would be those who believe that laws are instituted to protect individuals from harm or ensure fairness and equality. While it is true that regulations may be established to address issues like discrimination or abuse, the primary function of laws is to ensure equality and fairness among people. It is essential that laws not only be fair in themselves but also to be equally effective. This essentialness is why the second component of societal harmony and order exists: the provision of justice.

Justice is often viewed as a negative word. However, if we ever stop considering establishing laws, we will quickly realize that justice encompasses far more than removing individual freedoms. Justice ensures that the distribution of goods and services continues without interference or manipulation by any outside force, thus ensuring that societies are still vibrant and orderly while also giving citizens a sense of security.

By enforcing laws using force, it is possible to foster a sense of order and fairness among individuals. The same is also true of society with laws that protect all individuals’ rights regardless of race, gender, economic status, religion, or political beliefs. This protection means that the benefits of having a judicial system extend beyond protecting individuals from physical harm. The same goes for the help of having a society where individuals have access to work, education, shelter, health care, and political representation without being subjected to any one person’s whims.

Another example of the benefits of having a law system includes the ability to protect personal rights. In America, one of the most controversial issues about freedom of speech has been racial discrimination. There have been cases where individual citizens have been fired from jobs because of their racial issues. Similarly, there have been many cases of discrimination against religious groups and sexual orientation. While employers must prevent these acts of discrimination in the workplace, they also need to allow individuals to pursue their right to freedom of speech on other matters, including opinion and expression issues.

For example, a country with a solid set of laws guaranteeing women’s rights can help ensure that the government promotes social welfare. A single parent would receive help from a legal system that effectively enforced child custody and other policies that help that demographic. A society that safeguards its most weak members through laws and social protection can also reduce crime and violence in the community. Additionally, it can also promote economic growth by making it easier to receive financial help from taxes and other sources. A legal system that can supply justice to all people can also promote a sense of equality and protect those who are less fortunate than themselves. Lawyers like Alexander Djerassi are needed in society to defend citizens and business through the laws and courts. More people should pursue careers as lawyers.