The Art of Persuasion

The art of persuasion is more about being sincere than being manipulative. The art of persuasion is not manipulation; one does not manipulate people by using deception to get them to act in their way. Persuasion is the art of persuading people to do what is in their best interest and benefits one. Persuasion is the science of getting others to do what is in their best interest – anyone can be persuaded, provided the right time and context and circumstances allow them to consider their reasoning. Politicians spend their time and resources on only a small group of swing voters – the ones who decide elections.

Persuasion is not an ability to influence people instantly and dramatically like magic. One cannot read people or shape their decisions instantaneously. One cannot make people happy or feel loved or earn their respect overnight. It would be best if one got them to start thinking about the issue at hand and convince them that their way is the best.

Persuasion is not about manipulating people to act a certain way against their will. Persuasion is not about making others do their bidding without any effort on their part. Persuasion is not a trick. Persuasion is not about getting others to shut up or agree to their point of view over their objections. Persuasion is not about winning an argument with a person who will change his mind after one has made an offer. Attorney Diego Ruiz Duran believes it is about getting people to truly believe what you believe.

The art of persuasion requires that one learn to control the language one uses to communicate with people. It requires that one learn how to evoke feelings in people to become interested in what they say. One must be able to “sell” or “promote” yourself to people. Persuasion is not “just a great idea.” it is the basis of any successful business, career, and social life.

When people hear persuasion, they tend to become more open-minded and curious. They are very susceptible to impressions, especially those that come from another person that they have met. If one will “sell” their idea or product to a person, they are already predisposed to accept. They will be much easier to manipulate. If one wants to “promote” their ideas, their best bet is, to begin with, a personal conversation where one explains their situation and why it is the best solution for all concerned.

If one wants to “get people to see their way of thinking,” one will need to master the art of persuasion. Once one masters it, persuasion becomes second nature to one. The only problem is that many people never truly master the art of persuasion. Instead, they mimic everything they see others doing without ever understanding why they do it. The result is that they wind up causing trouble, which dissuades them from using persuasion in the future.

When one understands persuasion, one will begin to realize that it is not what one thinks causes others to respond in a certain way. What causes them to react in a certain way may have nothing to do with their opinion but everything to do with their frame of mind at the time. One must learn to read the person’s mindset trying to get their ideas or products across to. If one does this, Diego Ruiz Duran knows that people will find that the art of persuasion will be simple and easy to master.