The 5 Immortal Kinds of Restaurant Businesses

When you first realized that you wanted to open a restaurant business, you may have had a specific concept in mind. Your inspiration may come from culinary school, your home, or it could be something as simple as the things you like. Whatever your concept, you must try to have it fit in one of the five immortal kinds of restaurants. 

These restaurant types are understood around the world and usually make a lot of money and fitting your concept within those five kinds can maximize the odds of success.

1. American-Style Steakhouses 

The steakhouse is an American classic, one that lives in the mid-to-upscale restaurant business market. Depending on their target market, they can be family-oriented or revolve around a formal atmosphere. They’re focused on comfort, though more upscale options can look like any other fine-dining restaurant.

New York, San Francisco, and Las Vegas are great cities for steakhouses. If you’re focused on red meat, fret not. While they are called steakhouses, they also offer seafood, pasta, and even poultry. Mid-scale restaurants may also offer salad bars.

2. Ethnic or Culture-Themed Restaurants 

If you’ve ever thought of having Chinese for dinner, you’ve patronized an ethnic restaurant. Unsurprisingly, they take up much of the American restaurant business market. Many of them are essentially fast food, but a significant number of them also take the form of fine dining. 

Fortunately, the exotic flavors alone are enough to get a few people in the door. Embrace your uniqueness; don’t tamp down and try to look like every other restaurant in your niche. From contemporary Chinese to Korean-Mexican fusion, the opportunities are almost unlimited.

3. Casual Restaurants 

This mid-range type of restaurant is often the catch-all for when yours doesn’t fit any specific kind, and it approaches its target market the same way, that is, with a wide net. Your audience is pretty much anyone who’s interested. The important part here is the price range and the atmosphere. You want it mid-range and you want the atmosphere casual. You push away no one, and you offer a wide variety of items for the price.

4. Seafood 

If you’re fortunate enough to get a location near the seaboard, you may want to give your concept a seafood-oriented spin. You range from mid-scale to upscale offerings and offer food that is prepared through various methods, like baked or grilled. Your restaurant can also offer other things, such as beef, to shore up the menu.

However, there are a number of considerations that must be made if you’re venturing into the seafood restaurant business. Fish is seasonal, which can affect your pricing and what parts of your menu are available at any given time. Quality control is stressed, as old fish can drastically affect its taste.

5. Classic Family Style 

When in doubt, go family style. Catering to families or even groups of people can get you a lot of cash per table, which makes it attractive to many would-be restaurateurs. To do this right, you must offer a wide variety of foods that are suitable for all age groups. Service should be fast, and food should be served quickly.

A family-style restaurant is often slightly more expensive than its contemporaries, but it makes up for it in family-sized portions and better table service. Your furniture should involve comfortable chairs, as well as highchairs and booster seats for kids.

While restaurant businesses that aren’t in these five categories can succeed, it’s best to leave that for when you have an established brand or following that can give it a starting bump. If it’s your first venture, it’s best to try to fit them into one of these templates to give your venture a better chance of success. Be creative