Sustainable Commerce for an Uncertain World

In today’s uncertain world, we as a society cannot afford to take anything for granted. One of the first things that the world felt as a result of the global pandemic was the major disruption of the global supply chain.  Manufacturing couldn’t ship much of the world’s products to their destinations, thus leaving much of the world with many supply shortages.   Given the rise of the Delta and other COVID variants, it is likely that the supply chain will continue to have a moderate amount of disruption for some time to come.  It’s time to explore sustainable commerce.

Let’s move the topic from supply chain to the world of ecommerce. If you are trying to buy and sell goods online, what can be done in the face of supply chain disruptions? Moreover, how can we all do it in a way that is more sustainable to the environment? Welcome to the world of recommerce – the buying and selling of secondhand goods such as electronics and apparel and other such items.

eBay in particular has been stepping up their efforts in sustainable commerce – last year alone 720,000 metric tons of carbon emissions were saved as a result of these practices. Learn more about sustainability and ecommerce through recommerce in the following visual deep dive and report below, courtesy of eBay:

eBay sustainability and recommerce