Supporting Small Business

Supporting small businesses during COVID-19 is paramount to their survival. Many businesses had to redesign their functionality and structure because they want to ensure they keep making revenue while the recession still exists. Many small businesses moved to sites like Etsy. They wanted to build an online marketplace for consumers to easily purchase products and services.When businesses move to selling retail online, it is sometimes harder for the consumer to make a purchase.They worry about it the product will fit correctly, the length, and the quality. That is why it’s important to support small businesses in any way possible. Many entrepreneurs started these businesses because it was their dream. The steller amount of work that goes into leading a business is unfathomable. It is important to remember how one would feel if they were the owner of a small business. Many people like Andrew Napolitano understand that small businesses need contributions to stay afloat. Small businesses need as much support as possible during the pandemic. Local shops may be closed due to high rent prices and not enough incomes. It is very hard for owners to have to decide on whether or not to keep shops open. Other ways to non-financially support businesses is by sharing their advertisements on social media. By promoting their ads, other consumers may find it interesting and make a purchase.