The Booming Supplement Industry

The overwhelming growth of the supplement and vitamin market is something that more need to pay attention to. Over half of consumers worldwide take vitamins or supplements on a daily basis. In the US, some demographics see as much as 80% taking vitamins every day with these numbers still steadily rising. The supplement industry is projected to reach nearly $100 billion in the next few years with a growth rate of 7.6%, signaling fast changes and upcoming trends. Supplements of all kinds are taking center stage in this growth. Specialty supplements, herbals and botanicals, sports nutrition supplements, and weight management supplements are also especially on the rise. 

New scientific backing for new ingredients and formulas is fostering a lot of new confidence in the supplement industry. Vitamins have recently been linked to improve physiological, cognitive, and functional outcomes. Supplements also reduce injuries during workouts and improve performance. New ingredients such as beta-alanine for controlling muscle fatigue, citrulline for improved muscle building, and tyrosine for encouraging dopamine production have all become more common in new supplement blends.

As the vitamin industry continues to thrive and its complexity deepens make sure you know the industry inside and out for your health below:

The Big Business of Supplements