Streamlining the Home-Buying Process and Moving to Florida

With the state’s recent population boom, many experts have been left wondering: Why are so many people moving to Florida? Surpassing New York as the second-hottest housing market in the United States and growing by over 3 million people in the past 10 years, Florida has become a hot spot for movers and first-time homeowners. 


From neighborhoods to cities of all shapes and sizes, enormous growth has been seen in the Floridian housing market, surpassing $3.8 billion. Thousands are flocking to the sunshine state after changes in work, housing, and quality of life have made this area very attractive. Remote work accessibility has increased, the weather is temperate year round, and average home prices are lower than that of both New York and California. 


In the wake of these changes, there are many services in Florida that help movers to make the best decision for themselves before planting roots in the Sunshine state. Whether one needs help with loans, understanding mortgage options, or just needing direction on where to begin, hopeful homeowners are never alone. This journey to make Florida one’s home can be difficult and tedious. Luckily, with the help of these third party groups, the process is becoming more straightforward and cost effective each day.

Why Are So Many People Moving to Florida?