Staying Motivated While Working From Home

Most people find it very challenging to work from home, especially when they are just getting started. There are many distractions such as the TV, dirty laundry, children, and other house chores. Therefore, working in a rather noisy environment at home can be significantly challenging to beginners.

Father George Rutler highlights some key issues to look at when someone wants to stay motivated while working from home. Remote work is the current order of the day since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, everyone should find a way to start working from home perfectly. Here are some tips, according to Father George, to help stay motivated while working at home and get the job done to the best of one’s ability.

Establish a Workplace

Father George sees utmost importance in the designated private area in the house to act as the workspace. It is not good to work from the bedroom or the sitting room where kids may pop up anytime. Get a desk and place it in a quiet place in the room. It offers a similar environment, such as the one in the office. When children are in the house, it is essential to develop some rules to keep the area private at all times. It is advisable to experiment with different places. The most suitable place is where there will be less to no distraction from anyone in the house.

Create a Work Schedule

Timekeeping is crucial when working from home. Since there are many distractions, a schedule helps to program the work to be finished in a day or hour. A tight schedule is essential. Don’t waste time engaging in other activities when the plan is on, except for emergencies. A particular program will spell out every activity to work on as time progresses.

Work with Breaks

It would be best to work within specified blocks of time. When working from home, the mind feels relaxed. It is therefore vital to program it to start feeling the sense of work urgency at home. After working for a while, take some rest and go back. A cup of coffee can accompany the rest.

Limit Distractions in the Workspace

Distractions interrupt the mind making it lose focus. It is even harder to go back to work after a few interruptions. The only way to avoid this is to limit distractions by working away from them. Sit away from the tv and focus on the tasks at hand. 

Get Rewards

After completing a task successfully, get a cup of coffee or watch a show. The little incentive offers the body and mind enough energy to get back to work with full potential. The rewards can also be in terms of challenges. Some people set challenges such as working for 2 hours straight then walking the dog 2 kilometers.


Staying focused while working at home is crucial. Use these essential skills from Father George Rutler and ensure the company’s productivity remains impressive even with the crisis. After a while, most people will get used to working from home.