Start your Very Own SEO Agency with White Label Services

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If you are IT savvy, yet do not know enough about digital marketing to set up your own agency, there are options. The white label SEO sector is booming and there are many reseller clients that package their work in your brand, giving you all the credit. This system allows you to produce cutting-edge SEO work that will boost your customers’ web traffic, and no one would ever know that you outsource the work to a specialist SEO company.

You Get All the Credit

When one of your customers is enjoying bumper sales thanks to the SEO work, you will get all the credit, as for all intents and purposes, the customer thinks you have an SEO team who carried out the work. The SEO company would sign a non-disclosure agreement with you, which means that your deal with the reseller is strictly confidential, and they will only communicate with you, not the client.

Link-Building Services

This is what the majority of your clients will want, and by working with an established reseller who can work to deadlines, you can receive online audits, along with recommendations that you can pass on to your clients. Outreach blogging is a very effective way to drive traffic to the client’s website, and you can offer a wide range of blog packages to suit every budget. If you would like some information regarding the best ways to turn a sales enquiry into a sale, here is an interesting article on the topic.

How Does it Work?

When a potential customer makes an enquiry, the reseller will quickly carry out an online audit and make recommendations and send this to you. All you do it paste the information into your branding and send it on to your customer, and when they are in agreement, your reseller would begin the work, keeping you updated along the way. Simply put, the reseller is always behind you, ready to support you at a moment’s notice, which ensures that your communication with your client is fast, and when the results show a great improvement, the client is likely to continue the service. The client never sees anything connected to the reseller, and as far as they are aware, your company is doing the work, and within a short time, you will gain a reputation as a company that delivers results. Here is some important information about setting up a business in Australia, which might help.

Campaign Manager

When you are working closely with a reseller, they would assign you a campaign manager, who is your point of contact within the company, and that means you only have to deal with one person, rather than many. In the event a client asks you a question and you don’t know how to respond, talk to your campaign manager and they will prepare a response for you.

With a leading SEO reseller in your corner, you will quickly gain an impressive client list, as your customers enjoy a boost in web traffic that leads to extra sales.