Spring Cleaning

When the spring comes around everyone feels the need to clean their home. This is not a bad thing. There are many positive things associated with spring cleaning. Helen Schifter knows the important reasons behind spring cleaning and why it should be done every year.

Reduce Bacteria Growth

During the winter most people are shut in the home. The doors and the windows are closed up and there is little to no fresh air coming in. At this time things just seem to build up. Bacteria and other germs can build up over this time. When a person completes their spring cleaning they will remove all of this dirt and germs. They will remove the bacteria and will have their home clean and sanitized. While clutter may not seem like dirt it can harbor the growth of germs. There will be environments where germs and bacteria can live. They can live in between boxes and they thrive in clutter.

Improved Air Quality

The home has buildup. Besides the bacteria, there is dust and other particles that have gotten into the air. The air in the home needs to be clean and healthy to breathe. Cleaning the home will remove this buildup and will improve the air quality in the home. No one wants to breathe in dirty air and this is something that should be handled. If a person is having trouble breathing, spring cleaning is very important. They will notice a big relief when they no longer breathe in excess dust.

Reduced Stress

If there is clutter built up in the home this can lead to an increase in stress. Cleaning out the home in the spring and getting rid of things that are no longer needed will help reduce the feelings of stress. Cleaning can be relaxing and a person will feel good once they begin to get some of the mess out of their home. Cleaning can be therapeutic for some knowing that they are improving the quality of their home and making it a cleaner place.

Increased Productivity

When a person cleans their home and removes the clutter they will become more productive. They will find the items that they heed and things will be organized. This will help develop a more efficient system and will help a person get things done when they need to.

Better Focus

With too many items around the homes, things can easily become overwhelming. Clutter can hurt the brain. There is too much to see and too much information for the brain to process. Removing the clutter will allow the brain to process information. This will make it easier to stay focused on a task.

These are some of the benefits of spring cleaning. Spring cleaning will allow a person to remove any mess that is in their home. They will also be able to clean the air and make sure it is free of dirt and bacteria that can be making them sick.