Smile Direct Club Launches Clear Aligner Treatment for Teens

Young people finally have access to a teeth-straightening solution without having to opt for traditional, expensive braces.

Smile Direct Club’s new program – this time designed specifically for teenagers – has gained impressive traction since the leading oral care company launched the aligner plan in August. SmileDirectClub teen includes Smile Direct Club’s aligner treatment, lost aligner protection,  and a trackable aligner case – powered by Tile™ – which allows customers to locate their aligners with their phones.

Smile Direct Club (SDC) has also updated its forward-thinking telehealth platform with features to uphold teen patient safety and track teeth-straightening progress. Teens and parents can now log into the telehealth platform to check aligner change dates, monitor orthodontist check-in notifications, and access lost aligner protection. Parents and teens can both receive notifications to ensure treatment compliance Thanks to this handy online system, teens don’t have to take time off from school and parents don’t have to take time off of work to attend inconveniently timed appointments.

“We’ve focused on creating a product that offers a more affordable and accessible alternative to metal braces or other aligner options, giving teens and parents the convenience of our telehealth platform while still priced at up to 60 percent less than braces,” says Josh Chapman, Smile Direct Club’s chief global brand officer. “In these uncertain times, it is important for parents to know that their teen can start and continue their teeth-straightening journey remotely and safely and with the confidence of knowing that their teen will have 24/7 access to dental professionals.”

Smile Direct Club Teen Clear Aligners

Smile Direct Club Teen clear aligner therapy includes the following features:

  • SmileDirectClub Aligners that are prescribed and monitored by one of Smile Direct Club’s affiliated dentists or orthodontists. Teens can choose between SDC’s traditional aligners, which require 22 hours of wear each day, and Nighttime Aligners™ , which require 10 hours of continuous wear. 
  • Access to live video chat with Smile Direct Club’s experienced dental team, a feature that is available seven days a week on SDC’s advanced telehealth platform at no additional cost.
  • Instant notifications for both teens and their parents on SDC’s telehealth platform when they are due for a new aligner or check-in. This helps parents engage in their child’s teeth-straightening process.
  • A trackable aligner case – powered by Tile™ – which helps prevent teens from losing their aligners.
  • A Lost Aligner Protection guarantee to protect aligners in the case that they get lost or damaged.
  • Six months of free Smile Direct Club teeth whitening services.
  • A $25 Shopify gift card to purchase any of Smile Direct Club’s premium oral care products.

“As an orthodontist and father of two teenagers – one teen who is undergoing clear aligner therapy and another in traditional metal braces – I can speak firsthand about the efficacy and versatility of this product,” says Dr. Gary Moore, DDS, a Smile Direct Club-affiliated provider. “Clear aligners bolster confidence and self-esteem that may be lost with traditional metal braces and offer the ability to engage in a wide range of activities and sports with an adjustable mouthguard. Teens can feel more confident in showing their smile when wearing clear aligners, something that is even more important to them in a day and age [when] social media is a primary source of their interactions.”

To access Smile Direct Club Teen treatments, customers can visit the Smile Direct Club website to book a 3D imaging appointment at a SmileShop or order a doctor-prescribed, easy-to-use, remote impression kit.. 

Choosing Between Traditional and Nighttime Aligners™ 

Smile Direct Club’s traditional clear aligners help teens straighten their teeth in an average of four to six months and require all-day wear. However, teens can remove their clear aligners when eating, drinking, or brushing, making day-to-day wear much easier to manage than traditional braces. On the other hand, teens must wear the Nighttime Aligners™ for 10 continuous hours every night for approximately 10 months. Though this is a longer approach to a straight smile, many young people love the fact that they only need to wear their aligners in the comfort of their own homes at night.

“From a young age, I refused to smile with my teeth,” says SDC Teen customer Nicole, who has undertaken a seven-month treatment plan. “I was beyond embarrassed about my smile and did everything possible to hide it. I’m absolutely in love with my new smile, and I couldn’t be more grateful for Smile Direct Club.”

“My front tooth was cutting into my lip, and braces were going to cost $6,500,” says Michaella, another SDC Teen customer, who followed a 5.5-month treatment plan. “My dad told me to wait until I was an adult, but my mom decided to find a way. Smile Direct Club has straightened my teeth, and I don’t worry about getting braces as an adult.”

About SmileDirectClub 

SmileDirectClub Inc. (Nasdaq: SDC) (“SmileDirectClub”) is an oral care company and creator of the first medtech platform for teeth straightening, now also offered directly via dentist and orthodontists’ offices. Through our cutting-edge teledentistry technology and vertically integrated model with all aligner products made in the United States, we are revolutionizing the oral care industry, from clear aligner therapy to our affordable, premium oral care product line. SmileDirectClub’s mission is to democratize access to a smile that each and every person loves by making it affordable and convenient for everyone. SmileDirectClub is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, and operates in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Spain. For more information, please visit You can also complete the short questionnaire at to check your eligibility for Smile Direct Club Teen clear aligners.