The Sleeping Habits of Highly Successful People

What do Greta Thunberg, Marie Kondo, and Warren Buffet all have in common?  All three household names get at least eight hours of sleep.  Highly successful people know the value of sleep.  That’s why they secure a good night’s rest for themselves.  As

Bumble Founder Whitney Wolfe Herd says, “nothing is more nourishing to your mind, body, and soul than a good night’s sleep.”

Insufficient amounts of sleep cost American citizens more than $411 billion every year.  Poor sleep leads to 13% higher mortality risk, increases the chance of a car accident by 100%, and costs the economy 1.2 million work days.  People who regularly get between 7 and 8 hours of sleep are 29% more productive than those who sleep less than 5, increasing their chance of both professional and personal success.  

What should sleep deprived people do to repair their rest schedule?  Here are some common tips that anyone can apply to their life.  First, launder your bed sheets often.  People are more excited to sleep with fresh sheets.  More importantly, limit your exposure to blue light close to bedtime.  Blue light comes from phones, computers, and TV screens. Blue light from electronics inhibits human melatonin production.

why the rich and successful get a full night of sleep