Should More People Be Turning to Entrepreneurship?

During the Coronavirus pandemic there have been many changes made on a ground level concerning the pursuits that regular people are engaging in. With so many out of work, Helen Lee Schifter feels passionately about the value of turning to being an entrepreneur during this time. Besides for the obvious advantage of it affording one to be one’s own boss and employer, it’s also a career that thrives on innovation.

There’s a reason we have seen a single sector continue to thrive and climb in terms of the valuations of the major companies comprising its index during this crisis. Of course, that sector is the technology sector. The sector sees no signs of slowing down, so long as the coronavirus pandemic remains strong. This might seem like a bleak forecast of the future but the uncertainty of not knowing whether a vaccine will be discovered in the near term, is severely damaging other aspects of the economy.

Look at the financial industry – and in particular the bank stocks; or the retail industry or utilities. They are all suffering; because the economy does not do well within a context of doubt and uncertainty. But tech does. there lies the difference.