Royal Holiday Vacation Club Makes Cancelation Process Easy for Entrepreneurs

A picture of a plane taking off as some of the passengers eagerly wait to go on their vacations.

Royal Holiday Vacation Club is always aiming to please customers in any way possible. Every person who originally signed up for a vacation has those days marked off as an enjoyable time. However, canceling a vacation is a tough decision many are forced to make for one reason or another.

The company has always focused on ensuring that this is not as complicated of an issue as some others make it. Most cancellations happen due to some other form of stress that a person or family is dealing with, so making this as seamless as possible seems like the right move.

Canceling a Royal Holiday Vacation Club Membership

The decision to cancel a dream vacation can happen for various reasons. Most are afraid of making that initial call to start the process, but Royal Holiday Vacation handles this issue all the time. They would love for everyone to stay, but they understand that more than ever, things change. The global pandemic, and everything, directly and indirectly, stemming from it, has put a lot of people in limbo with their plans.

These are the three main options people have when canceling a membership. It’s pretty easy to start the process with all three, but it’s important to do so as quickly as possible to have the most available options.

Contact Royal Holiday Vacation Club

The very first step to cancel is to contact the company directly. By informing them of intentions, it establishes a date and allows people to start working towards a program that will get people out of their contract.

No one likes making this call, but putting it off limits what is possible later on. By starting the process, it gets the ball rolling.

Five Days Rule

Any person who purchases a timeshare has five days to change their decision if they wish. This is a law put in place by Mexico as part of their Consumer Protection Laws. There’s no penalty, as people get a full refund on everything invested.

At Royal Holiday Vacation Club, everything is laid out in the paperwork during the initial signing detailing the five days rule. With an experienced team to handle everything, the entire process doesn’t take long if it falls within those five days. Since it’s a limited amount of time, this is one of the major reasons why acting on a cancellation sooner rather than later makes a difference.


After five days have elapsed, another way to opt out of a contract is to sell the timeshare. People are free to sell their timeshare in various ways if they wish. The best and easiest is to sell to a family member or friend from a consumer standpoint, but that’s not always possible.

Selling through Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp, Craigslist, or eBay is another option that many people turn to. It’s not always the most straightforward process, but it’s a way to get fair market value for the most part.

Finally, working with an independent agent to help sell membership shares is another possibility. The agency usually charges some type of fee, but it still allows people to recoup most of the losses.

Planning with Royal Holiday Vacation Club

A picture of a calendar that someone uses to plan their vacation with Royal Holiday Vacation.

Some just want to deal with the Royal Holiday Vacation Club when canceling their membership. They try to do their best to work with everyone the best way they can. They present the best solutions they can think of and offer alternatives that might fit better into someone’s budget.

At the end of the day, Royal Holiday Vacation Club would love for everyone to go through with their plans and not worry about cancellations. At the same time, they want to be as understanding as possible so that people aren’t left frustrated with the company.

The Benefits of Royal Holiday Vacation Club

There are always legitimate reasons to cancel with Royal Holiday Vacation Club, but those people miss out on all the different benefits out there. With various membership levels, clients can spend the amount of money they want and get the vacations they want while staying under budget. It’s crucial now more than ever to have these options so that people a little more financially strapped after the pandemic can still have some rest.

Everything about the traveling aspect of a vacation is customizable. There are ways to get just a single unit, all the way up to a romantic suite when boarding. With 52 different countries and 180 destinations, there are numerous Royal Holiday Vacation Club spots people can take advantage of.

The company strives to make its offerings one of the most affordable options for vacationers. No one likes having to spend extra money, and it’s one of the reasons why cancellations overall happen less with Royal Holiday Vacation compared to competitors. Offering upfront, affordable prices from the beginning earns trust and keeps people around.

Making the Final Decision on Royal Holiday Vacation Club

Cancellations happen, and the Royal Holiday Vacation Club tries to accommodate people as much as possible when forced to walk away. Those who can stay will still be able to enjoy just as much as they could pre-pandemic.

Regardless of the decision, the company always prides itself on quality customer care. Making these decisions is never easy, but they simplify the process as much as possible.