Riding Your Bike to Work

There are groups of people that are doing their part to cut down on pollution and at the same time increasing their health. Helen Schifter is one of those people. She is known for encouraging people to cycle toward a healthier lifestyle. She encourages her social media followers to strive for not only a better physical life but an emotional one as well. Schifter educates the masses on the positive effects of taking the time out of our busy schedules to take care of ourselves. Suppose a person can combine taking care of the body while commuting to work. Try biking to work. Biking is known to increase mental cognitive skills and blood blow throughout the body. It is a simple yet great way to travel from one place to another and it has a positive effect on the environment. Using alternative ways to get to work has a positive effect on your physical health and environment and it also helps save money. Sitting in traffic while the car is gulping up gasoline. And let’s not mention the great stress of trying to make it to work on time. 

The average American household could spend over $2000 on gas alone. This doesn’t include repairs and maintaining and the natural wear and tear on your vehicle. Imagine saving $2000 every year for ten years. That’s a big difference. Have you noticed the demeanor of bike riders. They are happier and less stressed out. Wait. Some will think this is an exaggeration. There is a proven scientific fact that exercise can and will improve the mood and brain health of those who regularly perform in moderate exercise. Besides the fact that it is very enjoyable, biking has more benefits than driving. It is also convenient for those who live in large cities. The time it takes to find a parking place and the amount of money that is dished out to put a piece of metal in an available space is mind boggling. Many workplaces offer bike parking or an area inside the building for this man powered two wheel vehicle. It is a lot safer than one might think. As long as traffic laws are obeyed and common sense is used, the bicyclists will be just fine. Try it, go ahead. There will be no regrets. If desired try starting one day a week. How about Friday. If everyone will make it a goal to ride a bike to work one time a week, this will make a huge difference. 

Helen Schifter thinks there should be an international ride on your bike to work day every week. Some companies have implemented casual days on Friday. Suppose on that same day everyone rode their bikes to work. Imagine how much happier people would be on that day. People who do often find themselves making new acquaintances. The question, how was the ride to work, can mean something totally new when asked to a group of bikers.