Rick de la Croix: The Face of Exquisite Watches in the 21st Century

An Experienced Entrepreneur Representing Luxury Watches

Rick de la Croix, a resident of Switzerland and is the CEO of a world-class distributing company, Park Lane Partners, of which Ares Distributors is the U.S. subsidiary. He represents and markets luxury watches and is one of the worlds best at it. According to the Ares Distributors website, Rick de la Croix started working in the watch industry when he finished University, and has “over 25 years of experience” in managing international luxury brands.

His specialty is in marketing, retail, and distribution and he has become very successful doing it.

A hard-working devoted father, he believes in excellence in all qualities of life.

A Dedicated CEO with an Expanding Business

Rick de la Croix is a creative entrepreneur who has expanded his business from Switzerland to Central and South America with the goal of distributing luxury watches and jewelry across the entire world.

This entrepreneur is a trendsetter who has made history in designer watch sales. Rick de la Croix provides companies with retailing support and strategies for product distribution and marketing. Currently, he is focused on promoting the Bomberg brand which includes a collection of watches, rings, pendants, keyrings and medallions.

De la Croix’ biography  on the Ares Distributors Inc. website states that in the past, he pioneered a popular retail industry trend on Caribbean cruise ships distributing luxury watches and jewelry pieces across Mexico and South America. The Bomberg website states that they are expanding into Asia and Europe as well.

Representing Creative and Artistic Brands

Rick de la Croix’s work with the Bomberg brand has been especially successful in Latin America. The Bomberg brand website states that Bomberg is “making its way off the beaten track of traditional watchmaking, creating watches for people who are cool, creative and confident”. The Bomberg collection includes iconic crosses, stylish skulls, and other items with classic designs.

As stated in his LinkedIn profile, Rick de la Croix was the Vice President of Sales for Time International from 1994 to 2000. According to LinkedIn, Rick de la Croix used to manage well-known brands such as Gucci, TAG Heuer, and Corum with Time International.

Growing a New Industry of Designer Clocks

Rick de la Croix’s second business focus is “The Unnamed Society”. This company provides a never-seen-before option for gift buyers who are seeking eye-catching art pieces. According to The Unnamed Society website, Rick de la Croix has been working hard to market exceptional signature clocks. These exquisite, collectible artistic clocks are uniquely shaped like revolvers.

Rick de la Croix is a creative professional and also, a charitable businessman. According to the Ares Distributors website, he is currently involved in charity projects such as the Boys and Girls’ Clubs in Atlanta. He also sits on the board for Ray Allen’s Ray of Hope Foundation.

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