Revolutionizing the Fitness Landscape: Jesse Benson Unveils a Decade-Long Vision for Holistic Wellness in Personal Training

Workouts are an integral part of a wellness and fitness plan.

Besides staying healthy, building a well-toned body, and improving stamina, exercises can also play a vital role in rehabilitating injuries and chronic pains. 

This is why, to increase their value, personal trainers take short courses and watch YouTube videos to learn more about rehabilitation exercises. The plan is to help their clients heal from injuries and the pains that don’t go away.

While it’s a noble plan, healing is not guaranteed; the workouts can either work or worsen the injuries. Dealing with these pains can be more complicated, requiring doctors to examine through x-rays, etc., find the cause, and recommend the best course of action. After all, they have the tools, many years of study, and experience.

In essence, physiotherapists, chiropractors, and registered massage therapists are better positioned to handle the pains and injuries than personal trainers.

It would be better if they recommended suitable workouts and personal trainers helped the clients follow through with the plan. 

This is why Personal trainer and health coach Jesse Benson developed a model that brings all these professionals to work together under the same roof. In this integrated setting, they can effectively communicate with one another to create a suitable plan that suits the client’s health and fitness goals.

Fit Integrated Wellness

Jesse Benson is the founder and CEO of Fit Integrated Wellness. His company’s model seeks to bridge the gap between healthcare and fitness.   

By bringing various qualified professionals together, they are able to design systems that encourage proactive wellness for clients. 

The team has certified nutritionists who help clients understand, decide, and plan healthy eating that aligns with their health and fitness goals. The right food plays a crucial role in the wellness and healing journey. Therefore, forming healthy eating habits and making healthy food choices should be a part of the wellness plan equation.

Physiotherapists and chiropractors are also part of the team to assist in joint injuries and post-operative rehabilitation, soft tissue sprains and strains, muscle imbalances, and post-concussion management.

They work with Registered Massage Therapists who offer therapeutic massage treatment to help with sports injuries, back pains, arthritis, muscle spasms, headaches, and other conditions. 

Personal trainers then help the client with the recommended workouts from the medical team. They hold them accountable to their post-treatment protocols (homework exercises). They also help clients achieve full rehabilitation both physically and mentally from their injuries. 

Additionally, they aid with assisted stretching sessions that are great for cooling down and improving muscle recovery and blood circulation.

The Fit Integrated Wellness model also incorporates ultrasound assessments to accurately measure body fat versus lean muscle mass. This lets them know the progress in a client’s fitness and health journey.

Inspiring the Fitness Industry

“We have witnessed several success stories where a client comes to us with chronic pain and injuries, and we see tremendous improvements and healing after they have mapped out their health and fitness journeys with us. It’s always a pleasure being part of their healing journey. I have also seen other gyms follow this model and collaborate with other wellness professionals to improve their health and fitness offerings. This makes me glad to know that my contribution inspires them and is helping improve the fitness and health industry and the value and opportunities we can offer as personal trainers,” Jesse Benson concludes.