Responsibilities of a CEO

With the responsibilities of being a CEO, comes to a lot more than just being organized and being a communicative boss. It takes so much dedication and hard work to achieve the companies goals. CEOs like Shalom Lamm, have a team they trust always near. Having a Chief Executive Officer title comes with a lot more responsibility than most believe. Those include approving major budgeting plans. As organizations grow, it’s important that the finances are in check. The CEO and CFO have to work together to construct a bulletproof plan on how to save money and also spend it wisely. Approving budget and contacts can take years, so it’s important that everyone has involved as common goals and aspirations. 

Building an executive board is one of the most principal responsibilities of a CEO. Ensuring that everyone on board is trusted and dedicated is a necessity. Just like in movies, there have been countless times where executive boards abuse their power and do selfish acts that can be compromising to the business. That’s why as a CEO, vetting, and having healthy work relationships with everyone is a must. Someone can do this by having weekly progress meetings, open correspondence between the board, and always supporting the employees. In addition, finding ways a business or organization can improve are always signs of a good CEO. For example, Shalom Lamm, is constantly finding innovative ways to grow his organization while supporting his team. That could include venturing out to find new investors or filling in for a team member if they are sick. It’s important that a CEO is flexible with their actions and can be the missing puzzle piece to any given situation. Yes, being a CEO has its perks but only to those individuals who show great responsibility and commitment to their craft.