Modern Lens Options – Replacement Lenses

Eyeglasses have become increasingly more important and common as each year goes by. In modern America 64% of the population wears prescription eyewear in some capacity, not to mention sunglasses and any other variation. This has made the industry at large an important and ever growing field.

The growing size of the industry has led to several developments in modern eyeglass technology. There are now a large variety of lenses, bifocals and trifocals have become fairly well known for example. Although newer alternatives such as progressive lenses and high-index lenses give a larger set of options to all.

On top of different physical lenses, there are now multiple tinted lenses that have different effects. Ranging from yellow, to blue, to pink, these tinted lenses can help those with dyslexia, light sensitivity, and headache issues. There are also anti-reflective, anti-fog, and scratch-resistant lens coatings that are becoming more commonplace.

These are all great developments that offer more diverse and practical options to eyeglass users, but what about the process of obtaining them? This is where replacement lenses come in, a process where someone can send in their frames to have their lenses replaced instead of getting completely new frames.

Replacement lenses offer a cheaper and more versatile process to obtain eyeglasses. Using any pair of frames, they can be sent in to be tinted, made into sunglasses, have updated lenses, or add any lens coatings. This is just one other way in which the eyeglass industry continues to evolve.

The World of Replacement Lenses
Source: LensFactory