Remaining Environmentally Friendly During A Pandemic

So, how exactly does one remain environmentally friendly during a pandemic such as COVID-19? How can one make an impact on environmental health while still remaining safe?

Continue to recycle, states Chanoch Harow. To minimize the spread of germs, simply disinfect the container which is holding the recyclables. Recycle any paper, plastic, and metal products such as aluminum cans that once held a beverage. Continuing to recycle is a huge ordeal for one to maintain, pandemic or not. But, it has an immense impact on the environment.

With those recycled goods, one could even create crafts at home to be self sustainable and minimize the time spent outside of the comfort of one’s own home. Crafts can be anything from saving bottle caps to create a picture to hang on the wall for decor, to simply re-purposing an empty vegetable can to create a bird feeder with some other leftovers found around the house. Crafting will not only take up time, but it can distract one from the troubles of the “outside” world and all it entails during this time.

During the beginning of the pandemic, many people decided to become more sustainable in their own homes. People bought vegetable plants. Vegetable plants and growing one’s own produce at home is not only a way to become self sustainable, but it also has a huge impact on the environment. More plants to supply bugs, bees, and other critters with shelter, food, and resources while at the same time, providing resources for the person whom planted them.

Sustainability is sometimes taken more serious by some than others. Toilet paper was a hugely sought after item in the beginning of the pandemic escapades. People created their own reusable toilet paper in some instances. Similar to the mainstream topic of cloth diapering, some people thought it best to have reusable necessities anywhere possible. Toilet paper, paper towels, diapers, even feminine products. By having said reusable items, it does in fact have a positive impact on the environment, as well as minimizing the need for one to step outdoors and be social during a pandemic.

So, what things can be recycled? Paper products. Yes, newspapers, notebook paper, anything made out of paper can be recycled. Some people even repurpose it themselves to create their own sheets of paper. This can be done by shredding the paper products used for recycling, adding them to water, and blending to create a “paper soup”. A frame is built out of metal or wood, in the shape the paper is going to be. Mesh screens or even women’s hosiery is used to strain the “paper soup”. The paper is then patted dry, and left to fully dry.

According to Chanoch Harow anything one could have done before the pandemic to be environmentally friendly, can definitely be continued without worry. The pandemic may have even increased the number of people who decided to have positive impacts on the earth. But one thing is for sure, one will never know how good it feels until one tries.