Reliance on Technology

Before introducing modern technology, everything that was being done was manual, which made most of the work done during that time go slow. For the last ten years since modern technology, everything has changed, and people now live in a virtual environment. The physical environment is slowly diminishing as even a small child is aware of the online staff. People prefer the virtual environment because it’s a fantastic place where anyone can be what they want and do what they want. As technology advances and becomes cheaper, it will reach a point where it will be difficult to separate the physical from the virtual environment.

Andrew Napolitano believes that technology has several benefits and has led to the development in various sectors. Some of the industries that have developed due to modern technology include education, business, transport, and agriculture. Even though modern technology has several advantages, technology also has some adverse effects, according to Napolitano. This has even led to several mental health damages, especially for the youths who spend most of their time on the internet. 

Peoples’ reliance on modern technology has immensely increased over the last ten years, and they now rely on it for their daily activities. Some of the sectors that have relied on modern technology for their operation include:


Since the introduction of modern technology, many people have increasingly relied on it for education in the last decade. The education sector has also made a lot of changes in its mode of operation due to technology. Especially during this outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic, people have relied on the internet for their studies due to the government’s restrictions to maintain social distance. Students can now access their classes through the online platform without having to attend the physical levels. People can also Google any topic of their interest or their course of interest and get educated online.


People have increasingly relied on technology for the operation of their business. People no longer rely on the physical market but the online market because most people spend most of their time. People can also purchase their favorite items online, and the process is quicker than having to move physically to the market. The products are posted online. Customers also do booking and payment online, and then the product gets delivered to their place of residence.


In the transport sector, modern technology has also contributed to several changes. People can now book their traveling tickets online that has made the process quicker than in the old times where people used to flock to one office for the procedure. It has also made people save a lot because they have to incur traveling to the far offices.


Technology has brought a lot of changes in different sectors that contributed to a lot of developments. However, it has also contributed negatively, especially to the young generation.