Recruiting and Retaining Gen Z

It’s no secret that post-COVID many businesses have struggled to find employees. It seems that after time working remotely the standards for what work is have changed dramatically. This is true for no group more than it is for Gen Z. This young upcoming generation holds values that vary drastically from generations past. Respect, for example, used to be defined by hierarchy and superiority, but now is defined by cooperation and teamwork.

These differences don’t inherently have to lead to any issues. Each generation has brought a new perspective to the world as they enter the workforce. The big issue today is that Gen Z clashes so much that there are exceptional turnover rates. Hiring managers today see Gen Z as the hardest generation to work with. Even once hired, Gen Z still remains incompatible with the modern corporate culture.

All in all this leads to 65% of Gen Z quitting within one year of employment. Gen Z is more likely than past generations to take on job after job as the years pass. This creates an issue for employers and employees alike. Time, money, and industry positions are all lost as Gen Z fails to reach stability in the workforce. 

So what is there to be done? Realistically, there’s changes both sides can work at. Corporate culture can be more accommodating to the changing of culture of Gen Z. And Gen Z can work to more concretely accommodate what is already in existence. Luckily, these changes don’t have to be too dramatic. Gen Z is looking for different forms of respect, inclusion, and cooperation. Principles which may currently contrast corporate culture, but are certainly not incompatible. Gen Z may be struggling now, but their future in business is still bright yet. 

Learn more about recruiting and retaining Gen Z in the infographic below:

What You Need To Recruit And Retain Gen Z
Source: Abode HR