Questions to Ask Your New Boss

Questions to Ask Your New Boss

Dr. Jordan Sudberg is a pain management specialist, which means he’s no stranger to the hardships many face in both the professional and personal spheres. Now, he’s taken it upon himself to write a practical guide for aspiring employees-one that adds to the rising number of HR resources out there.

Although Dr Sudberg’s insights may apply to those new to the workforce, they’re nonetheless worth reading for pros. Let’s take a look at what he has to say about interactions between employees and their bosses.

Questions employees can ask their new boss, according to Dr Sudberg:

1. What inspired them to enter the Field of Business?

“We spend about a third of our lives working, so wouldn’t it make sense to enjoy the experience?” Dr Sudberg asks. “Asking about what inspired their boss to pursue their career is a great way to help them get to know their bosses better.” For Dr Sudberg, it helps him connect with new employees and learn about their passions. It also helps further his understanding of the field as a whole.

2. What Are their Greatest Successes in Business?

Acknowledging the contributions of others is always a good practice, and that’s what Dr Sudberg recommends for employees in this instance. He says asking about the professional paths of their peers will help employees build positive relationships and develop an understanding of what makes their company successful.

3. What are their Greatest Challenges in Business?

This question is another good way to build a rapport with their boss, but it’s also crucial in professional development. How they respond to challenges is to understand how the employees should handle them in the future. Dr Sudberg suggests asking specifically about challenges related to their job. This will allow for a more meaningful conversation about how employees can develop professionally and succeed at work.

4. What are their Favorite Business Tools and Resources?

Dr. Jordan Sudberg says it’s always a good idea for employees to connect with other professionals and build their network, and this question is a great way to do so. He notes that the right technology can help employees improve their workflow and accomplish their goals. Asking this from their bosses will give them a better understanding of the resources their company provides with-and who knows? Perhaps they’ll offer to show the employees how to use them!

5. What do they like most about their job?

Dr Sudberg suggests that employees answer this by telling their boss they enjoy working with their team or the benefits of living in a small town. It’s important to remember that the key to a successful business relationship is finding common ground with their boss. Answering this question will help the employees identify what drives them both. Plus, if their boss has anything positive to say about them, it’ll be an excellent way for them to feel appreciated at work!

Applying these questions to any dynamic will help employees feel more at ease at work and understand their boss better. Furthermore, they’ll be able to identify what they have in common and which aspects of their job they enjoy. The result? They’ll be better equipped to give it their all while they’re on the clock.