Pros and Cons of Electric Cars

It’s important to understand that electric cars are important technology to keep in perspective in this century. While there are pros and cons to every piece of technology, electric cars are no different. Which explains the generalization of the trend towards electrical automobile technology. With an ever changing industry and diversity included in the automobile industry, it is no surprise it is undergoing rapid development and certain factors should be considered when considered when analyzing the pros and cons of electrical cars. Alexander Djerassi believes that electric cars provide more benefits than setbacks. 

With the addition of obvious technology that supplements the naturalistic rationality of environmental pollution that is an additive to the atmosphere with obvious and to some, oblivious effect. The ozone hole is a real aspect of reality the average person must accept, in addition to being better for the environment, electrical energy can be a renewable resource, gasoline cannot. Solar panels if used in the right spectrum for example can power a house through day and night in comparison to higher cost of traditional energy means. They also require less expensive and less frequent maintenance in the long run in comparison to traditional methodologies of older technology. While quieter than gasoline cars, there are even tax credits available for owners of electric cars who report it on their tax statement to the IRS. As an additive, there are special highway lanes in some states for electric cars as an additive to the beneficial supplementation to the consumer in perspective.

On the flip side there are a number of conns to take into perspective. After all no piece of technology is elevated to the art of perfection. To begin with, electric cars have a shorter range than gasoline transportation, that means more fuel economy per mile you drive, and in fact, the event of recharging a battery takes more time due to design, not to mention that there are usually more expensive than gas-powered cars, a factor to consider in respects to long savings vs short term cost. It can sometimes be difficult to find a place to charge depending on where you are located in respects to city and country. There also aren’t a wide scale of diversity in variation of many model options available on the market in respects to gasoline vehicles.

Alexander Djerassi is a major advocate for the technological developments mentioned in this article. In fact, Djerassi has expressed his support for the idea of using this method of technological advancement in our era as a wave to pave the way to a healthier future for our children and children’s children.

The pros and cons can’t be denied when looking at the aspects of renewable energy and fuel economy, but also the retrospect of alliteration expressing the cost of short term investment vs long term cost, with the addition of limitation in models available on the market. However with investment in the industry through consumer education and purchases the advancement has the potential to shoot off like a rocket in real time. Leading the way to a slow fall in the atmosphere due to ozone emission through electrical technology advancements.