The Importance of Domain Names

The internet is a vast landscape.  For users to find the website they’re looking for, they need to know its domain name.  Over 1.8 billion unique domain names populate the internet today, and for businesses hoping to draw in customers, the right web address is crucial.  Premium domain names can transform a business, bringing in thousands of leads, purchases, and growth opportunities.  Because 3 quarters of searchers never scroll past page one of results, only the best domain names are seen by their target audience.

As more websites are created, it becomes less likely for a business’s first choice in a name to be open.  The only way for a new business to take an established domain name is to buy it.  Active websites cost more than inactive ones, and older domains are more valuable than new ones.  Negotiating an offer through an escrow service can be expensive; the most expensive domain transfers cost millions of dollars.

Web domains are like real estate; location determines prosperity.  Search results are vital to any brand wanting to find larger consumer bases.  Even if a premium domain is costly now, returns on the investment can be massive.  Businesses should choose theirs early.

The Power of a Premium Domain Name