Advanced Technology for Medical Facilities With Pneumatic Tubes

Pneumatic tube systems are the blood vessels of every hospital.  Since their inception in the early nineteenth century, they have made hospitals run more smoothly.  In recent years, statistics show even greater efficiency for healthcare facilities. 

Developments such as inserts, filters, and transponders keep controlled substances and organic materials secure. Many of the updated systems also have a slowing feature for smooth delivery.  With advancements, these tube systems significantly diminish waiting periods for emergency testing, which leads to shorter patient and treatment wait times.  Besides speed, accuracy also improves when using a network with a tracking feature.  This improvement takes human errors out of the equation and makes human couriers and older systems obsolete. In fact, one hospital cited that the floor without the tube system suffered sixteen medication errors while the floor with the tube system experienced zero (over four weeks). 

All this to say, updated pneumatic tube systems could be a worthwhile investment for healthcare professionals. The refinement referenced before is all to improve the quality of care. With many hospitals stretching resources and personnel due to the demands brought on by seasonal, hereditary, and outbreaks of illnesses, there is no time to lose. These improvements are viable additions for fast-paced clinics.

Medical Facilities Need Operational Technology More Than Ever
Source: Swisslog Healthcare