Phaneesh Murthy Leverages Career of Disruptive Innovation at Primentor, Inc.

Phaneesh Murthy is a global thought leader in the Global Tech and Business Services industry. He’s well-known in the global business community for pioneering numerous business disruptions over his three decades of leadership at top tech firms. Those disruptions have since become industry standards—but not before they catapulted Murthy’s companies to the top of their sectors worldwide. 

Phaneesh Murthy has since founded Primentor Inc, a consulting agency that assists high-level executives to identify avenues for disruptive innovation and prepare for external disruptions in their industries.

Phaneesh Murthy: A Career of Disruptive Innovation

Phaneesh Murthy has built his career on engineering disruptions from positions of executive leadership. Having worked in the IT and business solutions industries during the birth of the internet, Murthy has unparalleled expertise in IT, business management, and global business solutions. This has made him uniquely fit to restructure businesses from the inside out to perform optimally in the modern digital business environment

His skill set has produced multiple industry-shocking disruptions throughout his three-decade career. The most notable include:

  • The Global Delivery Model (GDM): Murthy developed the GDM while he served as Global Head of Sales for Infosys, allowing the Indian tech firm to deliver its services globally. As a result, the firm’s value grew by 2000x.  
  • The iTOPS model (IT and operations convergence): Murthy disrupted the IT industry as CEO of the company iGATE by integrating IT and operations. This streamlined relationships between clients and outsourced labor, and it led to vastly superior data collection and processing. Over the next decade, iGATE went from earning nearly zero in revenues to $1.2 billion.   

After his tenure at iGATE, Phaneesh Murthy founded the consulting firm Primentor in 2013. As CEO, he now assists executives to prepare for and pioneer their own industry disruptions. 

Primentor Makes Organizations Disruption-Ready 

Business disruptions rarely occur in boardrooms. They’re more likely to be found in the garage/offices of start-ups and angel investors’ meetings in silicon valley. 

Disruptive innovation is the opposite of the entrenched practices of large firms. While rigid structures offer security, they also prevent organizations from achieving the agility and innovative edge they need to grow in the modern business landscape.  

Organizations need to approach disruptive business strategies from two angles: 

  • Disruptive innovation: Adapting business strategies and company culture to promote disruptive success
  • Disruption management: Preparing for and safeguarding against external disruptions

This is where Primentor steps in. Major organizations from around the globe have approached Phaneesh Murthy and Primentor for assistance in rethinking and modernizing their business models. Murthy, along with Primentor’s highly experienced consultants, has witnessed entire technology adoption life cycles across industries. With their help, businesses are able to identify and implement disruptive innovations while also insulating against potential disruptions. 

Primentor uses the following strategies to promote disruptive innovation: 

  • Disruption discovery: Primentor consultants take a deep dive into industry trends and leverage their in-depth understanding of technology to identify potential disruptions and understand their operating models.
  • Business impact analysis: Primentor creates multiple detailed scenarios to predict the impact of potential disruptions. These scenarios and their conclusions are used to quantify preparedness and build roadmaps for disruption management. 
  • Innovation culture development: Primentor restructures a company’s culture to institutionalize a culture of innovation. This modernized company structure encourages the cultivation and sharing of new ideas as well as cross-pollination from diverse industries. It rewards experimentation—and even failure—and develops an organizational process for managing disruptive opportunities.

The age of information has just begun, and the wave of business disruptions it will create has not even begun to swell. Now is the time for entrenched businesses to adapt and modernize. Primentor and Phaneesh Murthy provide executives with the guidance they need to prevent their companies from going the way of Blockbuster, Sears, and MySpace.