Ensuring the Health and Happiness of Your Pet Through Pet Insurance

Loneliness has increased exponentially over the past year. One way that many of us have chosen to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic is by adopting pets. Pet ownership is at an all-time high, reaching such high proportions of pet ownership that there has even been a dog shortage. Last year alone, pet ownership in the United States rose by 70%. Pet insurance may be the right move for you to consider to help offset some of the high, unexpected costs associated with your pet’s health. 

A rule of thumb when thinking about the costs associated with owning a pet would be to break down the costs in 2 different ways: first if you have a small or large dog, and next by the first year of ownership versus ongoing ownership. Small dog ownership in the first year on average costs $1,314 versus large dog ownership at $1,843. Ongoing costs for small dogs are $580 with large dogs at $875. However, once you start counting the additional costs such as pet sitting, ongoing training, dental cleaning, and emergency veterinary care, annual pet ownership costs skyrocket to $2,858 a year.

A great way to mitigate against unexpected veterinary bills is to be proactive with your pet and keep them healthy. But ultimately, pet insurance can act as a heft reducer, cutting down the price of expensive unexpected vet bills.

Pet parenthood is a lot of responsibility, but oh so worth it in the end. Keep your pet healthy and well and they will love you back. Stay ahead of the game by being proactive, getting the best care for your pet, and finding the right pet insurance for you and your pet.

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