Paying Off Student Loans

Tips To Paying Off Student Loan Debt

Jason Rowley knows that paying back student loans can seem daunting even before they start accumulating. Whenever someone begins the process of their college education, there is the offer of loans to pay additional costs for books, classes and housing. Individuals who have a lower standard income than others may be tempted to obtain these loans to ensure that their schooling is fully paid for during the duration of their educational journey. With that being said, taking on loans for a college education can present some financial stressors. Attempting to maintain repayment while also paying for life costs on a regular basis can be difficult. Many individuals maintain their repayment process without issues due to the position they obtain after their educational journey has concluded, however, there are some who end up running into issues they never thought possible. Financial stressors such as delinquency or default may occur.

If individuals run into financial strain, they may find themselves falling behind, becoming delinquent, or finding themselves in default. Jason Rowley, who was the chief and executive officer of Phoenix Suns for fifteen years, stated in an interview back in 2022, “Sometimes you learn more from failure than you do from success.” When you run into financial strains regarding student loan repayment, take the time to recalculate your income and budget. Try paying more than the minimum amount due each month to lower the owed amount faster. Look through all the locations you pay for to see if there is an ability to cut back in any areas. Set up automatic payments to ensure your payments are made in a timely manner.

To better achieve a budget plan that works for the lifestyle the student is wishing to lead, take the time to contact a financial advisor to learn of the options and ways to separate payments to where they work for that lifestyle. Jason Rowley, a graduate student from the University of Arizona, advised “You’ve got to be willing to not know all the answers and certainly be willing to take feedback.” We all have been prone to refrain from asking questions to avoid looking unintelligent. In order to maintain a balance or repayment, a clear understanding of the process has to be gained. The best way to do this is to communicate. Individuals will need to be open about their wants and needs, their availability and their concerns. Communicating all of this information will aid in creating a plan that works for them.Some other ways to properly pay off student loans would be sticking to a budget, consider refinancing your loan (if applicable), apply for loan forgiveness, and consider an income driven repayment plan. These are all options that can be gone over with a financial advisor. Know what you can afford and when you will be finished with your repayment. Understand the pros and cons of every option to ensure the best choice is made. Although all options sound helpful, they are not all the perfect fit for every financial situation.