Our Best Tips for Hiring a Contractor on Fiverr

Fiverr is a valuable tool that can be useful for anybody and everybody, depending on what side of the coin you find yourself on.

For business owners, you can browse a marketplace of contractors and hires someone to help you in a specific area, whether that be in writing, marketing, web design, and so much more. Whether it be a one-off job for your benefit or a longer term project, it’s proven to be a great place to find help that can move the needle for you and get you closer to a specific goal you have in mind.

For freelancers and contract workers, it’s the perfect place to earn some money, gain experience, and build your name as a professional. As a writer, I was able to do this for myself by posting gigs and completing a variety of projects for a number of different clients in niches of all sorts. It was an amazing start in the industry and it really skyrocketed my growth as a writer. I was able to find regular work (that became easier as I completed more projects) and I began making money for myself quite regularly.

But with the good comes the bad. Every Fiverr gig isn’t successful and you might find yourself in a project that is unsuccessful, whether it be your fault or the person you are working on through Fiverr.

For this article, I’ve talked with some business professionals via HARO and had them offer up advice on how to hire the right contractor via Fiverr to help with your project.

(1) Communication tells you a lot

Shaun Connell, Founder of Learn Financial Strategy, provided this tip for our article:

“When you begin conversing with a freelancer, the way they communicate with you will tell you alot about them as a professional. Are they giving you proper responses with solid answers? Or are they providing short, insufficient answers that don’t provide a full picture? Poor communication is an early sign that this specific professional might not be the best fit and it could be a glimpse into what it would be like to work with this person. Poor communication during a gig is stressful and it’s not something you want to try out, so really pay attention to how they communicate and test them a bit if needed.”

(2) Be specific in your requests.

James Parsons, Founder of Content Powered, provided this tip for our article:

“If you’re vague and leave things open to the freelancer, you could end up with a final project that isn’t what you were hoping for. You must be specific in your requests and lay everything out quite clearly so there’s no confusion or wasted time. The freelancer is also busy and wants to be productive in the completion of their projects, so providing detailed information can help both sides make the gig a success. This is crucial.”

(3) Provide the proper information.

Lucie Chavez, CMO of Radaris, provided this tip for our article:

“You want to do what you can to make the gig be a success. In the end, if things fail, you don’t want it to be partially your fault since you didn’t provide the proper information. Get organized with everything related to the upcoming project and have it available for the freelancer once the gig begins.”

(4) Review testimonials and ask for examples of work.

Sean Chaudhary, CEO of Alchemy Leads, provided this tip for our article:

“I have two major tips here and both are obvious, but quite important. You should view their profile and read the testimonials they’ve received from past gigs. If the majority of them are not positive, then you might want to ask about them or find someone who has fewer negative reviews. If you can find the freelancer on other platforms (like Upwork and Freelancer), it might be worth reading the testimonials there. It’s also helpful to view examples of the contractors work, so you might want to request to see some past gigs they’ve completed or a portfolio they can provide.”

Wrapping it up

I hope this article can provide some insight to business professionals for what to look for when they go to hire their first contractor via Fiverr. For freelancers and contractors who’ve found this article, I hope it can help them craft their gig and provide a service that gets them many 5-star reviews and helps build their Fiverr profile!