Nursing Home Staffing Shortages and the COVID Crisis

In the wake of the COVID pandemic of 2020, nursing homes were hit hard with the realities that they were under prepared and under staffed to manage a crisis of this magnitude. Nursing homes were also extremely affected by a plethora of new CDC and quarantine mandates which were meant to help, but also caused significant amounts of stress to staff and even to residents. Let’s take a closer look at nursing home staffing shortages.

Unfortunately, as we enter year three of the pandemic, nursing homes staff and residents are still feeling the stress and they are still in the midst of a significant crisis. Many issues relating to the pandemic have caused nursing homes to lose staff at an alarming rate. At this point, 78% of nursing homes are concerned that their staffing shortages will cause them to close their doors permanently. 

Not only is this issue a problem right now, but it will cause significant problems for the aging population in the near future if it’s not addressed. Within the next decade, 1 in every 5 US adults will reach retirement age and 2 out of 3 will require long term care at some point. 

It is imperative to the wellbeing of millions of Americans that nursing homes find solutions now. Nursing homes can improve staff retention and recruit new staff by offering support, safety, staff appreciation, and further training and education opportunities to employees. Learn more about nursing home staffing shortages in the infographic below:

The Next Nursing Home Crisis - Cincinnati / Dayton, Ohio Region