Natural Cleaning Methods For Even The Dirtiest Of Toilets

You may well be forgiven for thinking that only strong chemical solutions are powerful enough to get a dirty toilet clean again, but in reality, there are some natural methods that are just as effective and a whole lot more friendly towards the environment. 

What’s wrong with using chemical cleaning agents?

Ideally, we shouldn’t be using toxic substances anywhere in our homes, particularly if we share it with children and/or pets. They can be incredibly harmful to our health, and pollute the land, air and waterways when flushed away.  

What should we use instead?

With a bottle of white distilled vinegar, some rubbing alcohol, water and your favourite essential oil, you can get your toilet bowl clean enough to eat your dinner out of, although you probably wouldn’t want to! You may find it helpful to use hydrogen peroxide as a stronger disinfectant, but it isn’t essential, and Castile soap or baking soda also does a remarkable job of cleaning grimy toilet bowls. With a microfiber cloth a good enough cleaning weapon to use for the exterior of the toilet, and a simple scrubbing brush ideal for use in the bowl, you can see that getting even the dirtiest of toilets clean again, is a cinch. 

For stubborn stains leave your natural cleaning solutions to sit for a few minutes before scrubbing away. 

For a toilet bowl that is positively gleaming, you can use a small amount of oxygen whitener, but there is absolutely no need to use bleach. 

How to safely eliminate tougher stains

Rings that remain in the toilet bowl can make it look dirty, even when you’ve just cleaned it, but there is still no need to resort to harsh chemicals. While baking soda can be highly effective at eliminating stubborn rings, you may find that pumice stain does even a better job, and keeps the rings away for longer. Exactly the same item that works wonders for cracked heels and dry skin, pumice stone (volcanic rock) is entirely natural, entirely affordable, and entirely accessible.  Ideally, find a stone that has a long handle attached for ease of use when cleaning your toilet bowl, otherwise you’ll need to don a pair of elbow length rubber gloves, and delve on in!

Getting the exterior of your toilet spotlessly clean

While you can use vinegar combined with baking soda (or as a standalone cleaner) to clean the exterior of your toilet, you can also use antiseptic wipes, which can be used conveniently, disposed of responsibly, and will leave your toilet hygienically clean and smelling fresh. 

Many cleaning companies nowadays choose only to use natural cleaning products in order to help preserve the planet, and protect the health of a home’s inhabitants. Just as effective at eliminating stains and dirt and keeping toilets hygienically clean, natural cleaning substances are better smelling, less harmful to the environment, and less likely to damage other items in the home if spilled or used mistakenly on different surfaces and materials. To get your toilet clean, even if it is embarrassingly grubby, don’t resort to harmful chemicals, go natural instead. And if you don’t fancy putting in the elbow grease yourself, simply hire a local cleaning company and have them do it for you.