Healthy Beverages to Ring in the New Year

We’ve made it to a whole new year! While the pandemic is still looming over us, we’re surging forward and creating new pathways to keep humanity progressing despite the obstacles. Our resilience is just one of the marvels of who we are as a species. 

One of the areas we’ve begun to naturally focus much more in the past few years is that of living healthy and making better choices when it comes to consumption. The changes we’re making are no less visible in the things we drink than they are in the foods we’re eating. In fact, healthy drinking habits have taken the beverage industry by storm. 

As our demand for sodas and sugary drinks dwindles, the beverage industry has given rise to five newer categories that are currently driving the market. The categories of functional waters, organic beverages, a variety of coffee formats, teas with new flavors and varieties, and new, fruity alcoholic flavors, which includes the non-alcoholic “mocktail”, have completely revitalized the industry. 

In 2019, the US alcoholic beverage industry rose to over $250 billion, and  non-alcoholic sales reached $919 billion. The five newer categories are certainly contributing amply to this growing market and consumers are embracing these healthier options with vigor as we enter the third year of the pandemic. 

The Rise of the Mocktail