Media Entrepreneurs Must Be Innovative

Unlike any other business and industry, the media industry is a cut-throat and incredibly competitive one. Indeed it requires creativity, innovation and cutting-edge approaches among those that seek to manage a media property. Ken Kurson is one who recognizes the competitive nature of the current media landscape. Kurson understands how challenging it is to survive in this ever-so-competitive environment for media outlets.

Indeed, there are few sources of revenue that exist for media outlets. The amount of available streams of revenue continue to unfortunately dissipate with time. This is a reality that is certainly not lost on those that have ventured into media entrepreneurship. But there are also ways that savvy media entrepreneurs can utilize the changes in the technological landscape to their advantage.

Ken Kurson is one who led a major paper of record through its transitional phase from being a longtime print outlet and stable of NY media to being a successful digital media outlet. The challenges that are inherent in the current media environment for papers to survive are obvious and apparent. The transition to digital platforms are something that many media properties have certainly taken upon themselves, and it’s obvious why. Expect this trend to continue. There’s no looking back.