Media Entrepreneurs are Changing the Landscape

Ken Kurson has ventured into navigating the waters of being a media entrepreneur in recent years. The media industry is one that unfortunately has become increasingly difficult to sustain for many news properties. The financial and economic models that many news properties have used for many years, have changed dramatically. These changes are clearly here to stay, and with adaptation they will be able to continue. But those that don’t, will likely not survive.

According to those like Ken Kurson, these changes aren’t necessarily a destructive force for the future of the media industry. On the contrary, they create enormous opportunity for transformative change that is indeed positive. For instance, if a publisher and a press baron is able to effectively utilize the information one can glean using analytics, they can better understand their audiences.

This greater understanding can be used in turn to create content that their readers will find more appealing, and be more inclined to read. This unique ability to be able to gain an upper hand on comprehending one’s audience, is an ability that news barons and publishers a decade or even a few years ago would not have had. It’s one of many advantages to the changes taking place.