Meatable Switches to Pork Production.

The new startup from Holland, Meatable, which advertises itself as the world’s first cruelty-free manufacturer of techno-meat in a cultured setting, has announced that the majority of its faux meat product in 2020 will be pork. This is because of the epidemic of swine flu that is currently spreading rapidly around the world, and has already wiped out roughly one fourth of the world’s supply of pork. Meatable is raising ten million dollars in new financing to enhance its R & D to service this new direction.  

Meatable is one of several european startups that have staked a claim in the cultured meat industry — meat that comes directly from cloned meat cells from livestock and poultry. Other companies include Aleph Farms and Future Meat Technologies. Cultured meat spokespeople claims that the production of beef, pork, and chicken, from their technology leaves almost no carbon footprint, as opposed to the large greenhouse gas emissions that come from traditional livestock and poultry farming.

Krijn De Nood, the CEO of Meatable, says his company has discovered exactly how to move the DNA from a nondescript animal cell to the animal’s muscle cell, which means the final product is virtually indistinguishable from genuine farm-raised meat. With the added bonus of never having any antibiotics or growth hormones introduced into it.