Martin Kipping, Leader in Data Center Infrastructure Installation, Announces Launch of MK Datacenter Solutions in the US

Martin Kipping is a results-driven leader with proficiency in global business management and development and project deployment. While prioritizing profitable growth, he provides strategic sales support to the international community with his dedicated multinational teams. Martin recruits, leads, and pushes these regional teams to the top in the competitive business landscape and has thus constructed a track record in multiple verticals.

With over 24 years of professional experience in his niche, Kipping has extensive knowledge of delivering first-rate physical infrastructure to global customers. He was responsible for globally establishing and managing five regional IT competence centers based in Germany, Lithuania, India, China, and the US. He has identified growth opportunities for his c-suite clients and created external certification programs, including CDCP, ATD, and IPMA. His primary goal was to advance their sales representatives, engineers, and project managers in the business world.

As the director and vice president of a data center based in Germany, Martin spearheaded the expansion of this establishment to the United States and governed the company’s IT Direct business. In this role, he developed IT industry marketing and trained personnel in both locations. He introduced containerized business and supplier qualification procedures to this firm, giving it headway into the data center department.

MK Datacenter Solutions as a Customer-Oriented Consulting and Infrastructure Solutions Opportunity

Kipping’s experience with his international ventures led him to become the current vice president of MK Datacenter Solutions. Under this title, he knows how to navigate business leadership and negotiate with customers.

“Delivering project excellence expertise to enable our customers to conduct professional, reliable, and profitable business solutions is the key driver to our company,” Martin said. He strives to ensure all his customers design and install their physical infrastructure precisely and accurately. He primarily focuses on ambition, product reliability, cost efficiency, risk mitigation, and overall client satisfaction.

Driven by his expertise in international project management and business development, Martin has foresight of the digitalized future in areas including the Internet of Things, smart cities, 4IR or Industry 4.0, and machine learning. With artificial intelligence’s influence, GPU-based applications are another business driver due to their efficacy and ability to transfer data between a CPU and a GPU quickly.

As companies continue to evolve and integrate state-of-the-art technologies into their operations, the requirements to survive become more manifest, so high availability of products and solutions is necessary. Martin heads infrastructure installation projects, especially for small and medium-sized establishments, emphasizing professional delivery. Some of the factors he assesses are latency, data aggregation, cooling capacity, and simultaneous installations at different locations. He thoroughly determines such projects’ complexity to determine whether a data center scheme will succeed or fail.

Data centers are the heart of computers, servers, network switches, and other essential equipment, so MK Datacenter Solutions empowers its customers to utilize their facilities for the entirety of the IT lifecycle. It focuses on enabling solution providers to bring the most durable and long-lasting physical infrastructure to clients, and their focus is on small and medium-sized companies to which the support is offered.

Martin’s holistic approach to his exceptional knowledge as an international project manager and business developer is expanding to the United States. He is dedicated to his customers and leverages his global partner network to solve his clients’ challenges of operating unequaled data centers. He aims to bring his clients’ ideas to fruition, with quality and profitability as critical objectives. Collectively, these elements will benefit those with professionally handled functions and stratagems.

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Leandro Backus is a self-motivated project manager who streamlines the process of planning, designing, and implementing applications through AI-assisted technology.