Mark Weimer: This Tech-Entrepreneur Will Never Stop Expanding His Professional Horizons

A Career Full of Success

Mark Weimer is a tech entrepreneur who completed his studies at Stanford University with a BA in Economics. He has spent most of his career in Silicon Valley where he served as chairman and CEO of – a company built to provide 401k services to clients of substantial financial institutions via the internet. Before Mark Weimer became the successful CEO of he was President of Trust Consultants, Inc., a firm that provided retirement plan services to clients in various financial companies and acted as an affiliate of Marsh and McLennan Companies.

As President of Trust Consultants, Mark Weimer employed a high level of dedication to his company and their growth and expansion. He worked with many of the leading institutions in the industry, including Chase Manhattan Bank, New York Life, Wells Fargo, and Paine Webber.

The Use of Technology in Financial Services

Mark has always been on the lookout for innovative solutions. In the area of financial services, technology has often meant huge databases and systems.  Having started his career in the cradle of technology, Silicon Valley, Mark began to wonder how technology could be used to make financial services accessible to almost everyone. As the President of Trust Consultants, he worked with many of the nation’s leading financial institutions and saw there was a great opportunity for technology to bring information and choices directly to people. was born in the midst of the dot com boom. Mark Weimer identified a gap in using internet technology that involved major financial institutions across the United States. was one of the pioneers in using the internet to connect customers and their retirement plans with leading financial institutions.

Mark Weimer Speaks to Perseverance as an Entrepreneur

Attracting big financial firms is no mean feat. But that is precisely what Mark Weimer was able to do. With sheer determination and commendable passion in making his brand a force to reckon with, his life in the tech-business world has imparted many successes that Mark continually builds upon with the next.

Mark Weimer has always reiterated the need to exhibit patience and restraint while in the throes of any business endeavors. Starting small and working one’s way to the top through perseverance are traits that set him apart from the rest. He believes that failure only acts to delay and deter a person from achieving their dreams, but all that is temporary if only one press on.

Overcoming business failure

Like all entrepreneurs, Mark Weimer has endured a fair share of failures on the road to becoming a trademark brand, a thought leader and a go-to problem solver within his expertise. Weimer advises young entrepreneurs not to get myopic or trapped in the day to day problems, but to seek opportunities that will have a bigger impact on your endeavor as a whole. 

The Mark Weimer Philosophy on Maneuvering toward Entrepreneurial Success

In a recent article and interview with Mark Weimer on, he was asked the very simple question, ‘How do you bring ideas to life?” Mark’s reply was that of a seasoned CEO and an entrepreneur who you can very well tell from the interview has traversed the entrepreneurial terrain more than just once or twice. This was Mark’s answer

 “Talk with other stakeholders and see how they react; paint the big picture vision; be flexible as to how to get there; realize I may be wrong or may miss some key elements; never give up if it is the right idea.”

A Mark Weimer Marketing Strategy

Mark Weimer is a true believer in the power of the internet to promote and sell products and services. He says that every entrepreneur should look for ways to utilize a strong online presence to identify people who might be interested in the product. The internet holds boundless information concerning consumer behavior and can be used without much expense to focus your marketing on the people throughout the world who need the products or services that you offer the most.

Mark Weimer ultimately believes that anyone can properly harness the power tapped from your mentors, education, from the gifts you are innately given at birth, and those business instincts to push one in the right direction and truly make a difference as a business entrepreneur.